Valve likes PS3 after all

Valve loves me, Valve loves me not. Valve loves me, Valve loves me not. This is what you might overhear if you were to listen in on a PS3 in a field playing with a flower trying to figure out what its relationship with Valve is. Apparently the on again off again relationship is on again. Valve’s man about town Doug Lombardi reveals that PS3 support is a matter of getting the right people. “If you look at The Orange Box — PC: 96 on Metacritic, 360: 96 on Metacritic, PS3 like… 84 or something. That’s not even close to where we are right now with the 360 and PC and the reason is people,” he explains and also reveals that Valve is looking to get the right people. “..we have to get people under our roof who are dedicated, talented PS3 guys and then all bets are off.”

This is great news for PS3 fans who don’t have other platforms to play Valve games on as it certainly looks like PS3 will eventually get supported but by Valve directly, meaning players will get more than just a crappy port. Of course this is all new developments and it’s apparent they’re still working on assembling a team but this news likely means serious support for the PS3 sometime in the future. So if you’re a skilled PS3 developer looking for work, I’m sure Valve would love to hear from you.