Valve thinking about a mobile Steam

With mobile games becoming more and more of a force in today’s industry, it’s not much a surprise that Valve is thinking about creating a Steam app for iOS- and Android-powered phones.

“Mobile is really interesting,” says Valve’s director of business development Jason Holtman. “If you’re making games, you have to be thinking about having a platform in this space. But it’s too early to say anything definitive.”

Holtman’s approach sounds like a cautious one, but marketing VP Doug Lombardi seems to think a venture into the mobile world is overdue.

“We do feel we’re late on mobile across many of Valve’s services,” says Lombardi, “It is something we’re starting to look at now. People are starting to ask us for it. The more requests we receive, the more we feel the need to act on them.”

With consumers demanding mobile access to Valve’s digital distribution web site, we’d expect to hear more about this potential app in the future.