Valve wants to get inside your head

Valve Software is responsible for some of the most successful and popular titles on the market today; Left 4 Dead, Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Portal. Valve’s next step, though, might be entering the brain of its audience.

Valve boss Gabe Newell recently expressed his interest in developing games that have a capacity to parse your feelings, and adjust gameplay accordingly.

“When you look at the kinds of experiences we try to create for people, having access to [the] internal state of the player allows us to build much more interesting and compelling experiences,” ┬áNewell said.

“So we don’t really think that that’s in doubt; the question is really about when and in what forms that takes. Even very simple noisy proxies for player-state, like skin galvanic response or heart-rate, turn out to be super-useful and they’re very much at the beginning of the kinds of data that you can gather.”

But how will developers like Valve go about achieving this? Rather easily, prognosticates Newell.

Next generation game pads could, potentially, include technology necessary to achieve this. Further, Newell said advances in webcam technology will allow the cameras to read the “gaze” on a gamer’s face, and possibly even measure pupil dilation. Creepy?