Vanquish enemies trailer shows enemies

[tvgb 202539]

Vanquish is coming soon. Just to remind you and excite you of this fact, Sega’s put out a new trailer showing off a few of the bad guys you’ll shoot and punch into oblivion while zipping around highly stylized gameworlds with a jet pack and hard-pumping techno music. As far as a Gears clone goes, it looks like you shouldn’t expect much in the enemies that you haven’t seen before. There are the disposable grunts, and then the gigantic bosses with weak spots, and even some quicktime events here and there. It’s the part where you destroy them at breakneck speeds that looks coolest though.

The game is releasing October 19 in the States, 21 in Australia, and 22 in Europe for Xbox 360 and PS3, so we won’t have long to wait to do all that shooting and punching.