Vita price cut “not on the radar at all” – Sony

Last year Nintendo made the surprising move of slashing the price of its 3DS just six months after launch. It was a move that placed all eyes on Sony’s now-pricier PS Vita, but the company is adamant that a similar price cut is not happening any time soon.

Speaking to BBC tech show, Click, SCEE CEO Jim Ryan revealed that the company has no plans for a price cut right now.

“It’s not on our radar screens at all at the moment,” Ryan said. “We have our launch plans in place, we’re in the middle of a very vibrant pre-order campaign, the demand that we see coming through in our part of the world is strong, and a price cut, to be honest, is the last thing on our minds right now.”

Those waiting on a drop in the entry fee better set themselves up for a long wait, then. The PS Vita launches tomorrow.