Vita won’t have PS3’s texture problems – dev

The PS Vita doesn’t pack the power of the PS3, we know that much, but that doesn’t mean it can’t outperform its big brother in some respects.

One such aspect is the system’s texture rendering, which A-Man developer Bloober states is much improved on the new system.

“This is the main drawback for PS3 versus the Xbox 360, because the Xbox 360 has half a gigabyte of RAM, so the texture quality is better in games on the Xbox 360. You can see when you compare two games,” gameplay programmer Jakub Opon recently told Eurogamer.

“Vita won’t have this problem. This is a really good solution. It tells developers not to think so much about really hardcore optimisation. They can focus on making the game, and not strip the quality of the assets. This is really important.

“Our artists made some really good effects and we have no problems with game speed.”

But Opon was quick to point out that the system is in no way as powerful as the PS3, “There is much more computational power in PS3,” he said. “Obviously you’ve seen how Uncharted was supposed to look like, and during the development how it begins to look like.”

The team in general speaks highly of the Vita’s hardware, which bodes well for the system’s future. Will we see games surpass the benchmark that Uncharted: Golden Abyss has set?