Voice-over guy is the best thing about Dragonball Evolution trailer

What’s the one thing that could be more hideous, more ridiculous and more disappointing than the live action trailer for Dragonball Evolution? Why, the trailer for Dragonball Evolution: The Game, of course!

Compounding the indignity of raping your childhood memories on the big screen, Namco Bandai has been tasked with creating a videogame based on the upcoming live action adaption of the fan favorite anime and manga, coming exclusively to Sony’s handheld. The result is an abandonment of brightly colored costumes for depressingly real, and decidedly rough, character models.

Though some may think this no better or worse than any other Dragonball fighter, I think we can all agree that the game world neither wants nor needs a half-hearted Tekken clone with different skins. We can only hope Gamekyo, who is hosting the trailer and screens, is being sarcastic when they encourage us to “admire the magnificent design of the various protagonists who without hesitation surpasses the manga.”