Want Xenosaga to return? Then get on your knees and beg. Loudly.


In the last few years, we have seen a resurgence of PS2 games being converted to downloadable content on the Playstation Network. In some cases, even classics from the original Playstation console have been available. With a slew of fans screaming for their favorite games to be one of them, a new possibility has surfaced.

At the Playstation Blog, a fan of the Xenosaga series received an unexpected response to their post. The Playstation Community Platforms Community Manager, Morgan Haro, had this to say:

“Make your voice heard on the Namco Bandai forums to have the best possible chance to see this through. They’d need to sign off on it, but there are technical considerations as well (like will it work with the PS3 firmware to emulate this PS2 title).”

So it’s up to you fans to make this happen! If you want to see Xenosaga on your PS3 then you better speak up! Who knows what else it could lead to?


Image courtesy of giantbomb.com