Warhammer Online release, Oceania servers

If you’re one of the Warhammer enthusiasts who live in the area of the world often referred to as Oceania, today is your lucky day. EA Mythic has announced that their upcoming MMO, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (WAR) will be released in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia at the same time as in North America and Europe — this fall. It’s also been announced that WAR will feature a dedicated server down under so players in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and other Southeast Asian territories could enjoy as smooth and lag free gameplay as possible. Connecting to North American servers will still be an option.

Mark Jacobs, VP and General Manager of EA Mythic: “Warhammer is a worldwide franchise with a strong following in Australia and New Zealand. By placing our own server down under and running customer service out of EA Mythic, we can ensure that when we launch WAR, Oceanic players will experience the same quality of game play and customer service as North American players”.

Though the press release avoided naming a specific date, slating merely “Fall 2008” for release, the general word on the street is that WAR will be getting a November release. In addition to the good news for Oceania, WAR fans in general were treated to a bunch of new screenshots yesterday, including one of a high elf that seems ripped straight from the screens of the Lord of the Rings movie. Overall, it’s been a good week to be a WAR fan.