Wasteland 2 coming October 2013

Kickstarter has made Wasteland 2 a reality (and well on its way to becoming even bigger than the $900,000 target would allow). But now that we know it’s coming, there’s another big question; when is it coming?

TVGB has the answer: October 2013. Developer inXile revealed as much in an email to its Kickstarter backers.

It reads: “Even while we have been on press tours for other products, doing press interviews and presentations all over the planet, it always comes up. When are we getting Wasteland? Well, I finally have an answer for everyone. You all get a Wasteland Sequel in October of next year! Not only did we meet the highest funding goal ever on Kickstarter, we did it in 2 days! I know… we can’t believe it either.”

It’s a fair old while to wait, but understandable given that the team won’t even get the money to fund development for another month, when the campaign comes to a close.