Waves Out! crashes onto the PS4

We love a good party game. There’s nothing better than sitting down with your mates, be it on the same couch or virtually, and just indulging in a bit of complete chaos. All of the games in this genre are manic and massive amounts of fun when you’re looking to do something a little bit less serious. Waves Out! will be appearing virtually on your PS4 screens, so if you’re looking for a new way to party it up, this might be an interesting option.

Waves Out! is available on your PS stores from today at $9.99. This party title was developed under the Playstation Talents Initiative and was born as a Jam Game during the Global Game Jam, an event held back in 2017. It received an award and has been getting fleshed out and refined ever since, ready to hit your PS4 screens as a fully finished article.

So what’s this title about, then? Well, remember Hungry Hungry Hippos? That game your mum wanted to throw out five seconds after buying it for you because of the colossal amount of noise it made? Yeah? Well, Waves Out! sort of takes that concept and runs with it. Each player will control Magnetin, a brave little character with magnetic powers. You’ll then have to help him to collect a series of balls scattered about each level. Using said magnetic powers and a hefty dose of platforming the player with the most spheres wins. Sounds simple? Yes, it does, which means it probably isn’t.

Waves Out! features three different game modes. The single-player campaign has up to 13 levels located across five different zones (a forest, a castle, a factory, a volcano, and a secret final location). In this mode, players will have to achieve the highest score possible in an attempt to hit the target set by each level. You’ll do this by harnessing Magnetin‘s abilities and using five power-ups you will be granted to bolster them.

Aside from the decently sized campaign, you will be able to participate in a 1v1 mode where you’ll take on another player in matches with a variety of different win conditions. Lastly, Waves Out! has a survival mode that will encourage players to beat their own high scores in a battle against themselves.

If this sounds like it might be right up your alley, you’ll be able to find Wave’s Out! on your PS Store right after reading this article. Which is done by the way. Off you go, then. Have fun and good luck!