We foresee The Skylia Prophecy coming to Steam

We love a good RPG. There are so many ways to tackle this genre but when done well they all lead to hours of story-driven fun. What we seem to see less of, though, are RPG platformers. It tends to be one or the other but relatively rarely both in one package. If you like a bit of side-scrolling hack and slash fun, The Skylia Prophecy is due for Steam on November 20th and it might just tick all your boxes.

The Skylia Prophecy is harking back to some of the great games of the 90s. This is a side-scrolling, pixel-drawn affair and that certainly isn’t a bad thing.

You’ll be diving into a medieval world where you’ll take the role of Mirenia. On your quest, you’ll need to help her vanquish an evil she unleashed when she was a teenager. In an attempt to right her wrong, you’ll have one hell of a journey ahead of you. Be prepared to explore dozens of lands and towns, navigate ancient dungeons and, of course, battle the hordes of monsters that stand in your way.

Let’s remember this isn’t just your average hack-and-slash affair. The RPG elements of The Skylia Prophecy will shine through in the people you meet and the quests you’ll have to complete to help them. You’ll not only be able to make some gold through the NPCs by selling powerful weapons and items but also learn a few secrets in the process to make your life and your journey that little bit easier.

Interestingly, we can also expect some puzzle elements to your journey. Aside from the many foes you’ll have to battle and the locals you’ll need to aid, in The Skylia Prophecy you’ll also be confronted with exploration-based riddles to ensure your brain is working in tandem with your thumbs.

For RPG addicts of a certain age, all this should bring back some pretty fond memories. Younger gamers should get a kick out of a style of gaming we don’t see anywhere near as often as we should anymore. Either way, The Skylia Prophecy is going to be worth a look for Steam owners in just a few weeks’ time.