Weazel News takes a hard hitting look at Liberty City’s biker gangs

If the prospect of seeing congressman Thomas Stubbs’ poorly groomed but properly rendered junk on full display in Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and the Damned‘ isn’t enticement enough, Rockstar’s got you, if not the congressman, covered with the release of their latest satirically skewed promo.

Tongue is planted firmly in cheek in the latest edition of Weazel News, the game’s spot-on FOX News parody, which examines Liberty City’s latest threat to public safety. As evidenced by their “gratuitous graphic and urgent sound design, the biker menace is a real problem.” In addition to being hilarious, this short spot provides an introduction to the three gangs featured in The Lost and the Damned: Angels of Death, The Lost and Uptown Riders.

Watch it once to learn more about the three most feared and respected motorcycle clubs and a second time to read the scrolling news ticker — I knew it was only a matter of time before scientists proved global warming is a liberal hoax!