What FindMakarov was all about

[tvgb 257663]

After playing the short spoof game Duty Calls earlier last month, it’s left me wandering if they really are going for another Modern Warfare game. Recently, an URL has been sneaking about in the form of findmakarov.com. Could it be that Modern Warfare 3 is going to happen despite the recent events at Infinity Ward?

A new live action trailer for Find Makarov featuring General Sheppard, Captain Price and Ghost has dropped in leaving me, and I can imagine a lot of COD fans, feeling confused yet excited. The trailer shows familiar scenes in Modern Warfare 2, before switching to a team of what appears to be Russian troops diving out of a plane into a warzone.

It’s not clear whether the US has brought the battle to the USSR or whether this is taken from the US invasion in the previous game. It isn’t even that clear whether this is a genuine piece of promotion material or a fan made piece with a budget. Still, it doesn’t take much new game footage to excite COD fans.