Where the Water Tastes Like Wine tells a new tale


There are thousands of games out there with good plots. A title having a good storyline is often what pulls us back and makes us want to play more. It’s like reading a good book; you always want to know what’s coming next. This obviously isn’t news, but how many games are actually about telling stories? Not as many as you’d think right? This is where a new title, Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, comes in.

In Where the Water Tastes Like Wine the story, or should I say stories do more than just give you and idea what’s going on around you, instead they’re a currency. This subtle but enormously important difference is what makes this game so interesting for those of you that, like me, need to have a good plot to keep you hooked.

As you wander around a folkloric Depression era United States this narrative adventure will see you meeting various strangers. Communicating and becoming acquainted with these characters will grant you unique stories which can then be re-told to unlock new interactions. It is up to the player to pair the correct stories with the right characters to further the game. If you do well, these characters will reveal their true selves, bestowing you with the most valuable stories.

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine not only takes tales as currency, it focuses on stories as living things. Stories grow and are re-shaped with each re-telling and this is something the game really draws from. This is brilliant for anyone with a love of a good plot.

Any tale will fall flat if it’s told by the wrong person. I don’t think you’re going to have that problem here. There are some brilliant names in Where the Water Tastes Like Wine‘s cast. These include Dave Fennoy, (Lee – The Walking Dead,) Melissa Hutchinson, (Ashe – League of Legends,) and Sae Nijima of Persona 5 fame to name but a few. Even Sting from The Police is getting involved!

If a story about stories is something you want to explore then Where the Water Tastes Like Wine is available for your Xbox One, PS4 and Switch consoles now. Why not head over to your respective stores and take a look for yourselves?