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Wii Motor Sports

One of the earliest videos demonstrating the Wii’s potential had a boy holding the Wii remote like a pen in order to maneuver a bi-plane through a series of rings floating above an idyllic island. Wii Motor Sports captured the imagination because it seemed like one of the most intuitive ways to use the Wii’s controls, and because it seemed like a spiritual successor to Pilotwings. It is now almost 2 years on, and the game is nowhere to be seen.

Wii Music, another title previewed early by Nintendo, is scheduled for release later this year. It will be followed early next year by the all new Wii Sports Resort which will use MotionPlus technology. Significantly, Resort featured a Jet Ski, a vehicle which could conceivably have been part of Motor Sports. It is possible that some of the games that were to be part of Motor Sports will be included in Resort and be enhanced by MotionPlus. It was also stated that Resort would feature at least 10 separate activities, perhaps one of them will feature that glorious red bi-plane and those shimmering rings…

Chances of Release: 30%