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Oboro Muramasa Youtoden

Vanillaware have gained a strong reputation within the hardcore community with their commitment to beautifully hand drawn 2D visuals and innovation within the RPG genre. When they announced a new title for the Wii, gamers saw an example of what Nintendo had been promising from the very beginning: that the Wii would be home to quality niche titles as well as platinum-selling accessible ones. The gorgeous screens that accompanied the news only enhanced its reputation. Then the rumors started; Vanillaware were experiencing financial troubles, and development of Oboro Muramasa Youtoden was in jeopardy.

Recently Siliconera interviewed Marvelous Interactive’s president Yasuhiro Wada, and managed to ask about the status of the game. His response was that we could judge for ourselves when the game is demonstrated at TGS 08. It seems the development of the game is on track after all, and that the rumors were just that; rumors. Seeing the game alive and well at TGS will surely bring sighs of relief to snooty import gamers and 2D afficiendos everywhere.

Chances of Release: 80%