Will Epic Mickey dare be as dark as these twisted Disney princesses?

As the upcoming issue of GameInformer readies to reveal Warren Spector’s Epic Mickey, a supposedly dark, steampunk take on the Disney universe, so too do I ready myself to be devastated when the game ends up looking absolutely nothing like the leaked concept artwork.

Though the gaming community is certainly ready to push the mouse and friends past puberty, the suits might not be ready to stamp the brand on zombie Goofy or scorpion Country Bear. I hope they are, but if they aren’t, I can at least take comfort in knowing I’m not the only one who would love to see the beloved characters of my childhood taken in a darker direction, as evidenced by these illustrations from Jeffrey Thomas. Created long before the Marvel buyout, his “Twisted Princess” series transforms Disney’s feminine royalty into hardened, and more than a little horrifying heroines.

Even if Epic Mickey fails to move these characters, and this company, out of their kiddy friendly comfort zone, it will happen.

The Little Mermaid

Snow White




Princess Aurora


Alice in Wonderland

Belle, Beauty and the Beast

Jane, Tarzan