Will Jaffe develop for the iPhone? “Prob”

David Jaffe is a man that likes to keep up with the times, using Twitter and video blogs to constantly keep in touch with his fans. The God of War creator has created some of the PS2’s best titles, and is currently working with his team at Eat Sleep Play on a PS3 exclusive to be revealed soon, but it looks like they also want to develop for one of the most popular gadgets around at the moment, the iPhone.

A Twitter user asked on Jaffe’s page if he had ever considered iPhone development, to which he replied, “We have and we prob. will but we got all guns blazing on our PS3 masterpiece! :)”

Eat Sleep Play’s big new PS3 title is expected to be a new Twisted Metal game, but we’re interested to see what the developer could have in mind for Apple’s piece of kit. Perhaps Jaffe will revisit his brilliant PSN title Calling All Cars, which seems ideal for the platform.