Will we ever see The End of the World?

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Console games have had no shortage of controversy over the years. With the likes of GTA, Manhunt, and even as far back as Carmageddon and Custer’s Revenge (Atari 2600, for all you young-ins), console gaming has always been a hot spot. Handheld and mobile games have avoided this for the most part, but that may change soon as small indie developer Izanami Gameworks is desperately seeking a publisher for its debut title, The End of the World. The game’s mechanics seem solid enough and the action is fast-paced and smooth. It definitely looks like it would be easy to kill a half hour here and there crushing commuters into the walls, but we doubt we’ll ever get the chance to actually play it. After watching the trailer, it’s hard to imagine anyone actually getting up the nerve to publish it. With taglines like “serial killing madness” and “seek and destroy ambulances”, it just doesn’t seem likely that any self-respecting publisher would risk their namesake on The End of the World.