Winter needs to come to Wii

I don’t think there’s any argument against the need and desire for darker, more mature games on Wii. Unfortunately, publishers just don’t want to roll the dice and take a chance on pushing dark and scary content to the happy, white box of familial joy. n-Space, developers of the underrated Geist for GameCube, know this all too well and have come forth, unveiling exclusively to IGN, their publisher-scaring survival horror Wii title, Winter.

In an interview with IGN, current n-Space president, Dan O’Leary and creative director, Ted Newman, discuss the story behind how Winter came to be; from origin, Wii controls, what the true spirit of survival horror is all about (no pun, I swear!) and the vicious cycle of mature games being shunned on Wii. Not only is it a great look at an extremely intriguing game that I want more than a Christmas pony and Razak’s respect, it also offers great insight into what kind of odds developers are facing in getting their games published when things stop being polite and start getting real.

Personally, I’m 100 percent behind this title hitting us in our scared little faces. I think there’s a real market for this type of game on Wii and I don’t think I’m alone — this game needs to happen. Maybe if we stomp our feet and hold our breath until we turn blue, a magical fairy will descend from the heavens and make it happen. I’m putting scary things under my pillow tonight.