Witches: Where the Dark Arts Reign


Developed by Revistronic Studios comes Witches, a 3rd person action/adventure game designed with Xbox 360, PS3, and high-end PCs in mind, and is set to release some time this year. The game is set in dark medieval surroundings where you’re placed into a dark and hellish world full of brutal battles ranging from one-on-one fights to hundreds of monsters at once. I picture Kingdom Under Fire but with hot chicks instead of dudes dressed in chain maille.

You control sultry girl warriors that resist deformed Hordes of the Beast, a creature that instituted slavery and overall hostility throughout this land. Powered by a strong narrative, Witches basically pits attractive women warriors against masses of monsters in a struggle for survival. Through every twist and turn of this 12 level, 80 scenario struggle for survival, you must lead a team of witches (you want might wanna call some buddies in for co-op) to conquer the dark forces and eradicate them from your home. Each warrior is designed with specific strengths and weaknesses, so matching what type of character you want to control is more convenient. Choice is always welcomed (especially in the case of picking out the most tantalizing of the pixilated ladies).

Witches also promises the ability to use different objects to achieve your goals, even the amputated body parts of slain villains. I’d pretty much prefer a sword, but there is always that option to sling a leg at an enemy to rescue some civilians. The combat system combines action with sections of caution and stealth, serving healthy doses of variety. What actions you choose spawn different endings depending on if you save people and use their help or decide to sacrifice comrades for the greater good, resulting in a replay option of more than once.

With a fast learning curve and a totally interactive environment, Witches wants to be a game for both the casual and hardcore gamers that enjoy good stories, easy gameplay and some good, old fashioned action sequences. With two gameplay modes, requiem and arena, let’s hope that Witches can deliver what they promise to be as an amazing medieval experience for all.