World of Team Fortresscraft goes live

After what has been the most exciting build-up to a Team Fortress 2 update yet, the Sniper vs. Spy update has finally gone live. The new update features a bevy of achievements and new weapons to unlock, such as the “Jarate,” a jar of pee.

However, after playing with this update for about five minutes you’re going to notice something very strange. Valve has completely done away with rewarding players with new weapons by earning achievements. Instead, players will randomly collect unlockables (whether they had already earned them or not) while playing the game, similar to an MMORPG. One would assume that this was done to encourage players who don’t have time to unlock achievements to play more. However, after playing two hours with fellow TVGB editor Jordan Fehr, the reactions we’ve seen have been largely against this new system. What do you guys think?