XMB reveals post-outage PlayStation Store updates?

Now that PSN is back up and running and over-excited gamers are running free in the world of online gaming once more, we’ve taken a little look around the XMB to see if anything’s new.

We did find some interesting stuff in the PlayStation Store tab of the Game section (on the EU PSN servers). As usual, the tab holds adverts for and direct links to new additions to the PlayStation Store. Given that the Store is still offline however (and could be for a whole yet), it’s curious that links for both Outland and Under Siege, two titles that should have launched on PSN during the outage are featured. Obviously the links can’t be accessed right now, but this suggests that both games will be up as soon as the Store returns.

Sony hasn’t detailed how Store updates will be handled when PSN comes back; will everything come in one go or will it be staggered?