Yes, Your Grace allows our presence this March

Nothing like a good kingdom sim, right? Wait. You don’t want Build Stuff for the rest of your existence 10? No? Oddly no, I don’t either. I’m getting really sick of building games getting reskinned and called management sims. “Kingdom management,” “Space management,” “Build something to help you find your pants in the morning management.” It’s all exactly the same idea with a different name. Thankfully Yes, Your Grace is not a resource gathering time and money sink. It actually sees your looking after a kingdom and it looks like quite a lot of fun.



Inspired by Slavic folklore, Yes, Your Grace tells the tale of a medieval kingdom and the royal family who live there. As the King, you will be tasked with talking your subjects through their differing problems. These protests can range from something as small as them not having enough places to relax and have fun to rather more pressing issues such as monsters attacking the kingdom.

This is a game of choice. You have to remember that you won’t be able to help everybody all of the time. Each turn you will need to decide which of a group of petitioners needs your support the most. Aside from this, you’ll have to look after your own family and any issues they may have thus influencing their personal fates.

That’s the counseling stuff sorted but there’s more to being King than having a good ear. In Yes, Your Grace You’ll need to hire generals, witches, and hunters to aid your efforts and protect your kingdom. You won’t be an island after all. There are other lands around yours and you’ll need your diplomacy skills in dealing with the demands of foreign lords and kings and making alliances with other nations; all the while following the stories of the quirky characters that enter your halls.

Yes, Your Grace is available on Steam at £15.49, ($19.99 for you folk over the pond,) from March 6th. If you want the chance to test your decision-making skills and give your brain a bit of exercise without waiting for six years for a building to finish in the process this might just be the title for you.

Images courtesy of Games Press