Yoshida confirms: light bar cannot be turned off and front-only USB ports

While some people are bickering about the possibility of Sony removing the PlayStation Camera at the last minute to reduce the cost and beat the Xbox One’s price (and, uh, thank you very much for not forcing me to buy one), a couple new details about the DualShock 4 controller have been confirmed by Shuhei Yoshida this weekend.

Sony has already come up with innovative ways to change the gaming controller and has also explored unique possibilities of how the DualShock 4 can further immerse the gamer. However, there are a couple odd choices Sony has made about the new controller that continues to raise concern about the constant need to charge the controller. When asked if it’s possible to turn the light bar off to help save battery-drain issues, Yoshida simply tweeted, “no“. Though the light bar seems like a cool (and in case of Killzone: Shadow Fall, helpful when your health is low) feature, does this mean it’s going to be on all of the time or just when playing games that utilize it?

Playstation 4 DUALSHOCK 4 Controller

Another slightly puzzling option Sony went with is to only have two USB ports on the front of the controller, with none on the back. When asked why they did this, Yoshida responded by saying you’ll need to have them on front in order to easily recharge the DS4. And that just raises further concerns!

But I guess it’s better than the host of concerns I’ll have when I eventually buy the Xbox One. What do you all think? Do you have any concerns about the DualShock 4 features? Does it even matter? Or will you use the money you didn’t have to spend on the camera to offset the energy bills?