Your Easter gift: Rainbow Six Vegas 2 on PS3 is broken…


If any of you PS3 gamers have been able to tear yourself away from your Easter ham, you may have noticed one of you newly purchased titles just isn’t being as friendly with the internet as you may like. If the seemingly endless number of reports on the IGN game boards are to be believed, Ubisoft has a real problem on their hands. Folks are reporting extreme amounts of lag, and some aren’t able to connect to the servers in any way whatsoever.

However, if you are intrepid enough to attempt to contact Ubisoft on this matter you’ll be in for small surprise. It seems the entire support center that gamers rely on to make sure their Clancy titles are running smoothly… has taken the weekend off. That’s right, while you’re breaking your Sixaxis in half trying to connect to a game with your buddies, the Ubisoft support clan is sleeping off their grease comas.

We’ll keep you updated as soon as the problem is addressed. With a mulligan of this magnitude latching itself to a brand new Clancy outing, don’t be surprised to see a patch come out first thing this Monday morning.