Ziggurat Interactive launches a collection of classic PC games on GOG

The gaming world (and quite frankly Hollywood, as well) can’t seem to get enough of the remakes, but what about re-releases? Well, that’s what you are going to get with Ziggurat Interactive. Pulling PC titles out of the 90’s like anyone was missing them, Ziggurat Interactive has partnered with GOG to release relic titles like Slave Zero, Fields of Glory, and Line of Sight Vietnam.

Ziggurat Interactive Slave Zero Robot
Slave Zero, 1999

Among these early game titles, most of which gamers have moved on from, Ziggurat Interactive is also releasing an “N-Fusion bundle,” a nice collection of PC games from N-Fusion Interactive. The bundle includes Deadly Dozen, Line of Sight Vietnam, and Elite Warriors Vietnam. I’m sensing a theme here.

Ziggurat Interactive line of sight Vietnam
Line of Sight Vietnam, 2003

Other games included in Ziggurat Interactive’s re-releases are Darklands, Nam, Fields of Glory, and more. Truly, you are a veteran player if you can recall any of these titles and to that, we make a toast to you.

And, it is nice to see these classics resurfacing because this is where it all began. You think you’re a master RPG player, now? Well, forget about Skyrim. Darklands was the original open-world role-playing game, with positive and negative reputation points to add up and hundreds of quests to complete that have nothing to do with the main story. Old school gamers traveled through medieval Europe where they would visit real historic places and feel historically accurate with job titles like religious studies and healers instead of clerics. That’s how it used to be done, kids. That’s what Ziggurat Interactive is all about.

Ziggurat Interactive Darklands
Darklands, 1992

It’s good to know a group of people out there are dedicated to preserving these classic games. While outstanding and high-quality games keep making their debuts, it’s always a humbling experience to go back to your roots. The days of low-grade graphics and floppy disks may be long gone, but their influences remain.

Ziggurat Interactive’s collection of classic games is now available on GOG.com. There is more to see from them as new titles and classic re-releases will be available this year and next.