Zombie MMO confirmed for Xbox Live Arcade

Undead Labs, in conjunction with Microsoft Game Studios, has officially announced a zombie-themed open-world game for Xbox Live Arcade. After having been in talks with both Sony and Microsoft, Jeff Strain, founder of Undead Labs, said his company agreed to bring the online world zombie survival game to Xbox Live exclusively.

The MMO, currently codenamed Class 3, is set to be a precursor to the similarly coded Class 4. Both will be open-world zombie survival games, with Class 3 being the base building block for Class 4 and pose the same basic question: What would you do in the face of the zombie apocalypse? Players will be able to choose where to build fortifications and settlements, nabbing food and ammo by pulling off various raids, and proving humanity can persist by rescuing survivors.

Class 3 is set to establish the core gameplay and mechanics that Class 4 will build upon, going from 1 – 2 players locally or via Xbox Live in 3 to a server-hosted world in 4 with thousands of simultaneous players, all trying to survive the zombie horde.

No release date is slated as of yet.