Activision boss says games will “eclipse” movies, TV

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick is the man behind gaming heavyweights Call of Duty, Guitar Hero and the Tony Hawk games, to name a few. Being the big boss at one of the largest publishers in the industry gives Kotick a rightful air of confidence in an industry that has earned him millions churning out these titles like they were going out of fashion. Speaking with Barron’s, Kotick believes that the gaming industry is on the verge of surpassing other entertainment mediums in terms of audience and profit share.

“I view the medium as having the potential to eclipse film and television,” Kotick boldly claims, predicting the videogame industry to outpace film and television in five years. With film and television viewership on the decline thanks to other distractions such as the Internet and videogames, it’s easy to agree with Kotick’s claims. Then again, when you feel like charging extra for Modern Warfare 2 just because you can, you’ve earned the cojones to make bold predictions like eclipsing film and television. But don’t say Bobby Kotick doesn’t care about us gamers. When the gaming eclipse occurs, we’ll have our night vision goggles handy to get through the darkness. Thanks, Bobby!