Age of Conan’s console version still in the works

Since its initial announcement in late 2006, the Xbox 360 version of Funcom’s Age of Conan MMO has all but vanished from news radars. But, it is still being worked on, the company has confirmed. In some form, at least.

“We obviously had many more challenges than we envisioned getting our technology to adapt to the console platform,” Funcom game director Craig Morrison has told CVG. “We are still working on it for the future, and we see it as a potentially valuable platform for our games. Whether we have missed a window for Age of Conan itself remains to be seen.”

“There are many challenges inherent in [developing for console] that many MMO developers haven’t mastered yet … It is currently an untapped market, but as time goes on I think we will start to find good solutions to the challenges that we face there. There are enough people exploring it and working on it that I am confident we will start to see more cross-platform MMO titles.”