Aliens vs. Predator trailer ‘aint got time to bleed

[bliptv gctbgZTWYQI]

Sega dropped a new Alien vs. Predator trailer today. Called “Marines,” the video centers on those floppy blood bags, humans. Now, the marines have lots of different types of guns. Those are great. Really. But, what they dont have are razor sharp tails, bitey mouths-within-mouths, acid blood, the ability to clamp onto your face, Wolverine-style claws, invisibility, heat-sensitive vision, or a reputation as the most fearsome hunters in the galaxy. But they do have guns. Pew pew!

As for the game itself, there are some worrying early signs. The environments look a little staid, the graphics hardly breathtaking and… did that marine just kick an alien off him? He did. That’s just wrong. At least the marine rifle sound effects from Aliens are present and correct. We’ll never get bored of hearing them.