Battlefield 3 co-op campaign supports 2 players, has 10 maps

Now that E3 is over and done with, EA and DICE have shown plenty from both Battlefield 3‘s single- and multiplayer components. But one thing they’ve yet to properly talk about is the new cooperative mode.

We’ve known that the game will ship with a co-op campaign since its initial reveal back in February, but details thus far have been all but non-existent. Executive producer Patrick Bach has changed that, even if just to the smallest extent.

According to Bach, who was speaking in the latest issue of PSM3, the dedicated co-op mode includes ten maps and are designed for two players. Sadly, that’s all the details the mag could squeeze out of the man, so expect a proper reveal somewhere down the line.

Battlefield 3 will ship in October, with a preceding beta happening in September.