What Is the Best Eevee Evolution in Pokémon GO?

what is the best eevee evolution pokemon go


This post was last updated on September 1, 2023

Let’s be honest: The “best” Eevee evolution is often subjective. Umbreon is your best Eeveelution if you need combat power, the highest defense, and a great max CP, but if you need a good water-type, Vaporeon might be your best option.

What is the best Eevee evolution in Pokémon GO? There are many Eevee evolutions, and the top choice often depends on the trainer. With this in mind, let’s dive into Pokémon GO’s eight evolutions and their stats from worst to best based on overall performance.

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Flareon (Nickname: Pyro)

Coming in as the worst-ranked Eevee evolution in Pokémon GO is Flareon (sorry, bud). Also called Pyro, Flareon is a fire-type creature not worth the Eevee candy. It won’t help you in PvP, gets overmatched in gyms and raids, and pales compared to other, better fire-types (like Darmanitan and Charizard).

If you’re inexplicably obsessed with Flareon, then you can disregard this. Or, if you want multiple evolutions and are trying to collect all the Eevee evolutions, OK. Otherwise, don’t waste your time and resources evolving Eevee into this Pokémon.

Flareon is one of the first Eeveelutions in the game, and it isn’t hard to get it. You can use the nickname Pyro and feed your Eevee 25 candies to generate Eevee evolutions. 

Flareon Stats in Pokémon GO

Player vs. Player (PvP):

  • Attack: 206
  • Defense: 153
  • Stamina: 140
  • Max CP: 3,029

Player vs. Environment (PvE):

  • Attack: 246
  • Defense: 179
  • Stamina: 163
  • Max CP: 3,424

Espeon (Nickname: Sakura)

Not quite as bad as Flareon but still low on the evolution performance list is Espeon. Nicknamed Sakura, this Eevee evolution won’t last long in Pokémon GO’s Great League, Ultra League, or Master League. We recommend going with Metagross or Mewtwo if you need a more powerful psychic-type Pokémon.

You’d think Espeon would be an excellent Eeveelution since it has the highest attack numbers, but that’s not the case. Espeon doesn’t have the best stamina and matches up poorly in PvP leagues. However, it can work well in PvE as a psychic-type and fighting counter.

To evolve Eevee into Espeon, you’ll need to walk around with Eevee for 10 kilometers. Eevee can evolve into Sakura or Espeon during the game’s daytime hours.

Espeon Stats in Pokémon GO

Player vs. Player (PvP):

  • Attack: 218
  • Defense: 150
  • Stamina: 140
  • Max CP: 3,170

Player vs. Environment (PvE):

  • Attack: 261
  • Defense: 175
  • Stamina: 163
  • Max CP: 3,583

Jolteon (Nickname: Sparky)

Jolteon (also known as Sparky) is one of the best Eevee evolutions—that is, if you value intimidating looks over anything else. Beyond that, the Jolteon evolution doesn’t bring much to the table. These electric-type Eeveelutions lack the stamina and defense stats to be successful in most combat situations.

Legendary Pokémon like Electivire and Magnezone are much more effective electric-type options. However, Jolteon can fill the gap in PvE if you need a cheap, readily available solution. Sparky is one of the classic Pokémon GO Eevee evolutions, and you can obtain it with 25 Eevee candies.

Jolteon Stats in Pokémon GO

Player vs. Player (PvP):

  • Attack: 195
  • Defense: 155
  • Stamina: 140
  • Max CP: 2,888

Player vs. Environment (PvE):

  • Attack: 232
  • Defense: 182
  • Stamina: 163
  • Max CP: 3,265

Leafeon (Nickname: Linnea)

If you’re looking for solid Eevee evolutions in the grass-type, go with Leafeon. Leafeon doesn’t pack as much punch as legendary Pokémon like Roserade and Tangrowth, but this creature can hold its own in the Master League.

Nicknamed Linnea, Leafeon has respectable base stats. It can beat any opponent with specific weaknesses but doesn’t stand a chance against others. If you can obtain higher-tier grass-type creatures, don’t bother with Leafeon.

Leafeon is also one of the more complicated Eeveelutions to get. You’ll have to find a Mossy Lure and use it at a PokéStop for Eevee’s evolutions.

Leafeon Stats for Pokémon GO

Player vs. Player (PvP):

  • Attack: 182
  • Defense: 184
  • Stamina: 140
  • Max CP: 2,944

Player vs. Environment (PvE):

  • Attack: 216
  • Defense: 219
  • Stamina: 163
  • Max CP: 3,328

Glaceon (Nickname: Rea)

Don’t turn your nose up at Glaceon just because it’s a middle-of-the-road Eeveelution. Glaceon (also called Rea) is an ice-type, which can be challenging to obtain in Pokémon GO. Although these Eevee evolutions can’t perform as well as legendary ice-types like Mamoswine, they’re a great backup plan.

To evolve Eevee into Glaceon, you’ll need to purchase a Glacial Lure at the store. It works just like a typical lure, except only for this Pokémon type. Use your lure at a PokéStop, and voila!

Glaceon shows promise in the Master League. However, it is most effective against dragon-types, particularly in PvE and PvP battles.

Glaceon Stats in Pokémon GO

Player vs. Player (PvP):

  • Attack: 199
  • Defense: 173
  • Stamina: 140
  • Max CP: 3,126

Player vs. Environment (PvE):

  • Attack: 238
  • Defense: 205
  • Stamina: 163
  • Max CP: 3,535

Vaporeon (Nickname: Rainer)

Do you need a water-type Pokémon but don’t have the resources for Gyarados or Kyogre? One of the best Eeveelutions in the game is Vaporeon. You can evolve Eevee into this classic creature with some Eevee candy.

Vaporeon has the highest stamina and is probably your best non-legendary water-type Pokémon. This Eevee evolution has an excellent max CP and plenty of strength to perform well. Water-types are an important part of any trainer’s team, so consider Vaporeon if you can’t get your hands on legendary Pokémon.

Vaporeon Stats in Pokémon GO

Player vs. Player (PvP):

  • Attack: 173
  • Defense: 139
  • Stamina: 230
  • Max CP: 3,114

Player vs. Environment (PvE):

  • Attack: 205
  • Defense: 161
  • Stamina: 277
  • Max CP: 3,521

Sylveon (Nickname: Kira)

Sylveon is the strongest Eevee evolution for taking down Pokémon in the Master League. Nicknamed Kira, this fairy-type Eeveelution will annihilate dragon types in any PvP and PvE scenario, making it one of the best evolutions.

A Sylveon evolution will take some time. You’ll need to make Eevee your trusty sidekick and collect 70 hearts to evolve. It can take about six days to activate the Sylveon Eeveelution.

Although Sylveon performs well in the Master League, it can’t beat Umbreon in the Great and Ultra Leagues. An upgraded Gardevoir or Togekiss are more powerful fairy-type Pokémon, but not everyone can access them. Sylveon is your second-best choice and performs well in its battle league.

Sylveon Stats in Pokémon GO

Player vs. Player (PvP):

  • Attack: 172
  • Defense: 173
  • Stamina: 182
  • Max CP: 3,069

Player vs. Environment (PvE):

  • Attack: 203
  • Defense: 205
  • Stamina: 216
  • Max CP: 3,470

Umbreon (Nickname: Tamao)

According to overall performance, the award for best evolution in Pokémon GO goes to (drumroll, please) Umbreon. Umbreon is arguably the most effective dark-type creature with the highest PvP potential in the game. Trainers have long hailed Umbreon as the greatest Eeveelution.

Umbreon Stats in Pokémon GO

Player vs. Player (PvP):

  • Attack: 111
  • Defense: 201
  • Stamina: 182
  • Max CP: 2,137

Player vs. Environment (PvE):

  • Attack: 126
  • Defense: 240
  • Stamina: 216
  • Max CP: 2,416

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