10 Best Minecraft Clients To Enhance Your Game

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This post was last updated on September 1, 2023

Minecraft clients are an easy way to supercharge your gaming experience and give you the upper hand.

Whether it is to improve the game’s performance, bring in a bunch of new mod packs, give you an advantage in PvP, or even a few cheeky multiplayer hacks – clients are a perfect way to get more out of the base game.

What Are Minecraft Clients and How Do They Work?

Minecraft clients are a commonly overlooked tool that can be used to enhance your in-game experience. In short, Minecraft clients are a modded download that changes the way Minecraft works, and is launched.

Clients can change Minecraft in several ways. Some include a bunch of mods, and others change the way the HUD works or allow you to customize the game in more depth. Their main purpose is to expand the player’s options when playing Minecraft.

Some clients increase the performance of Minecraft, giving you an FPS boost (frames per second), and letting the game run smoother. Others include hacks, that let you essentially cheat your way through various elements of the Minecraft game.

Some Minecraft clients are designed for PvP and multiplayer, whereas others are specifically designed to enhance the single-player survival experience.

With that said, it’s time to get stuck into a list of the best Minecraft clients, for a range of purposes.

Best Minecraft Clients: The Ultimate List

This list shows you the best Minecraft clients available, with links to each download page.

These aren’t in any particular order! They each have specific strengths and purposes so it’s hard to compare their value against each other.

1. Feather Client

best minecraft client, Feather Client

The feather client is easily one of our favorites and offers a bunch of performance and gameplay improvements.

With Feather, you can unlock an FPS boost, it has a comprehensive mod manager where you can add any of your own mods, you can use built-in voice chat to talk to any other players using Feather accounts, and you can even host your own server for free!

It also comes with 40 popular mods by default, which brings quality-of-life features and a range of helpful options.

2. Lunar Client

runner up minecraft client, Lunar Client

The Lunar client improves performance and helps manage mods with over 65 included mods.

This is one of the most optimized clients out there, and can easily double or triple your framerate. When testing, we managed to get an impressive 400 FPS, compared to 150 when running through the native Minecraft launcher.

The mods included in the Lunar client image are designed for both single-player and multiplayer, with a heavy emphasis on PvP. These cover visuals, controls, and automated features. The Lunar client makes your Minecraft life a lot easier!

3. Badlion Client

Badlion Client

The Badlion client is a versatile launcher with a focus on modification and anti-cheat system integration.

The Anti-cheat technology helps mods detect cheaters and hackers on different servers. This helps to enforce bans and make sure sure that players have a good experience.

The Badlion client also contains a bunch of built-in mods which improve the visual display and optimizes the performance – letting you get more frames per second with ease. We love all the included add-ons, particularly Schematica – which lets you copy and save local terrain information.

4. Labymod Client

The Labymod client is designed with performance in mind. This client offers many quality-of-life features which do a fantastic job of improving the speed and smoothness of Minecraft.

With Labymod you can access an enhanced render engine that can run at over 300 frames per second.

The interface lets you easily switch between themes and settings, and makes it super fast to customize your game. It’s compatible with all the newer versions of the game.

5. Meteor Client

Meteor Client

This is probably the best Minecraft client for PvP players. The plugins included bring a huge range of improvements to PvP server games and anarchy servers. It also gives users a huge advantage against other people who aren’t using it.

It doesn’t include as many mods as some of the other best Minecraft clients, nor many quality improvements, but it does have some fantastic services for PvP plays and hosts alike.

6. Cosmic Client

Cosmic Client

After you install a Cosmic client image you’ll be able to access a bunch of mods, account management features and server support. You can also place waypoints using the powerful mapping system.

There are a bunch of other servers running a Cosmic client image, so if you are interested in playing some cool and unique expansions on the base game, then this is the place to be.

The company also used the same developers to create an iOs and Android game – Starquest – which is also worth checking out.

7. MCprep Blender

This brand-new client provides powerful integration features with Blender animation software. This is the perfect way to design and render unique animations and cutscenes in the Minecraft engine, using the powerful features of Blender.

It’s in beta, but the developers have still done a fantastic job.

8. Optifine Client

This Minecraft client is all focused on optimizing the image quality and rendering engine of Minecraft. The Optifine mod is one of our most valued mods, and the client is a great way to control it in depth.

9. PvP Lounge Client

This client offers a range of powerful tools for PvP games and interactions. If you love PvP, we insist you explore the offerings of this client.

10. Amulet Editor

If you need a client with powerful world editing and construction tools, it doesn’t get much better than Amulet. This client completely changes the UI system and makes Minecraft a far more flexible world builder – you no longer have to work in first person. This saves a huge amount of time for large builds.

Best Minecraft Hacked Clients

Hacked clients give you an advantage, and let you completely overhaul the way Minecraft works with cheats, exploits, and hacks.

Some of these even work on public servers running vanilla Minecraft – so you can feel like an invincible gigachad and start trolling noobs on a survival server.

We don’t really recommend using these, as they can ruin the Minecraft experience for other players. However, if you just want to troll or grief other players, then these are the best clients to use… (shhh, keep it a secret!)

  • Minecraft Wurst Hacked Client
  • LiquidBounce
  • Sigma
  • Aristois
  • Impact

How to Install a Minecraft Client

Installing Minecraft clients is relatively easy. Although the specific process can vary from client to client. All you generally need to do is follow these steps.

  1. Download the client installer from their website
  2. Run the installer to start the installation process
  3. Wait until the installation completes
  4. Now you should be able to run the client through its launcher.

Check the specific instructions for each client on the client install pages.


With your new client, you’ll be able to enjoy a range of new features in the classic game of Minecraft. Many players overlook the enhancements these clients offer, so we recommend everybody should check them out at one point.

Whether you just wanted easier modding, more features, other game modes, or even to be naughty and hack yourself to have cheating privileges on Minecraft servers, you should install some of the best Minecraft clients as listed above!