Best Sims 4 Mods (and How to Use Them)

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This post was last updated on September 1, 2023

Sims 4 is a hugely popular game as is. However, you can get even more out of the game by downloading your favorite mods to the base game.

Mods refer to downloads that add new content. There are create a sim mods (CAS mods), buildbuy mods, and gameplay mods. Mods either change existing code or create new code (script mods). Script mods are considered more risky but usually offer more new features.

Most mods are made by users and are not officially part of Sims 4. Most of the time, mods are free. While embraced by Electronic Arts, players download mods at their own risk. The mods in this article have been downloaded and tested in advance.

In this article, we will tell you more about the best Sims 4 mods (and how to download the best mods for Sims 4).

How to Add the Best Sims 4 Mods on PC and Mac

Before we dive into the best sims 4 mods, let’s learn how to add mods to the Sims 4 game on your mac or PC.

Installing mods is easy! You simply download and extract mod downloads to your Sims 4 mods folder to enjoy them.

Keep in mind that mods are only available when playing on a PC or Mac. You cannot use mods when playing Sims 4 on Playstation or Xbox.

Follow these steps to install mods to your Sims 4 game.

Step One: Enable Mods

To start, you will want to verify that mods are enabled in the game options.

Open the Sims 4 game. Visit the options tab. In the options tab, select the other tab on the left hand side. Under the other tab, ensure that enable custom content and mods is selected. By default, this will already be selected.

Some mods will also require you to select the option script mods allowed. This option is not selected by default.

Sims 4 game options - other - mods enabled

Step Two: Find Sims 4 Mods

Next, you will need to find Sims 4 mods that you can trust. Since mods are made by users, there’s a chance of someone adding a virus to the download. We recommend only downloading popular mods with thousands of downloads and positive reviews.

Some of the most popular and trustworthy Sims 4 mod creators include:

  • aharris00britney
  • akalukery
  • arethabee
  • carl
  • deaderpool
  • roburky

This is certainly not an exhaustive list. Thousands of users create mods.

When you download a mod, don’t forget to thank the creator for putting in the work to enhance the game for you.

Step Three: Download Sims 4 Mods

Once you find mods that are safe to download, you will need to download the mods.

Only download the appropriate mods for your computer. There will be different downloads for MACs and PCs. 107

Save your download in a mods folder. The mods folder should already exist in the larger folder that holds the entire Sims 4 game.

PC – C:\Users\[USER NAME]\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods

MACDocuments/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods

Step Four: Extract Download Files

Find your download. It will likely be in your computer’s download folder. From here, right click on the file to extract all of the files in the download file to the mods folder above.

You may need to manually select the correct download folder, or your system may extract the files to your download folder by default. To select the correct file, click browse. To select the correct folder, click on your user name, then documents, then electronic arts, then sims 4 then mods.

If you do not extract your download to the correct location, your mod will not work.

Step Five: Relaunch Sims 4

Now, you should have access to your new mod. A screen will pop up with a list of your mods every time you launch the game, so you’ll clearly see which mods are properly installed.

list of mods in Sims 4 startup screen

Step Six: Download the MC Command Center

While the MC command centre is technically a mod, it’s an essential part of playing sims with mods, so we’re including it in the inital steps.

The MC Command centre is required for many gameplay mods. If you plan to utilize mods, you should download the MC Command Center first to have it ready for the mods who need it.

Wille not required for all mods, the command cen

ter is undoubtedly one of the best sims 4 mods thanks to the other mod options that become available once it’s downloaded.

Now that you know how to install mods, let’s cover some of the most popular Sims 4 mods for you to enjoy.

Create a Sim Mods

CAS downloads give you more options when you create sims. You can download seemingly endless new clothes, skin tones, makeup, facial expressions, and accessories. The more mods you download, the more options you’ll get. You can even find mods that will allow you to adjust your Sim’s height.

Some gameplay mods will include some CAS downloads on top of the additional game options.

CAS mods have a small wrench in the upper left hand corner to help you identify that it came from a mod.

CAS mod outfit option

Sometimes the best sims are the ones you design yourself. Players who want to create mods themselves often start with CAS mods.

Unlock Every Item in Build / Buy Mode

Some players enjoy unlocking the different items in build mode one by one. However, that gets time consuming. When a particular game requires faster gameplay, consider using a mod to unlock all of the items in build mode right away so you don’t have to unlock them through gameplay. You will be able to buy every item available right away.

You can also unlock all items with the cheat code bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement.

More Columns Mod

Normally, the Sims 4 control panel displays two columns of items. Use the more columns mod to increase the number of columns available to you in the control panel. After you download the mod, you will have the option to display items in 3 – 5 columns. Just make sure that you download each file! There’s a file for 3 columns, 4 columns, and 5 columns. This is one of the best mods for players who want to see more options when they open the control panel.

UI Cheats Extension Mod

Traditionally, Sims players must open the command bar and enter cheat codes in order to take advantage of the cheat codes available in Sims 4.

The UI Cheats Extension enables ui cheats, allowing players to access them directly from game’s user interface in just a few clicks without typing the actual code.

With the UI Cheats Extension mod installed, you’ll never have to search online for a cheat code ever again.

To access cheats, click on your character then select the MC Command center option. The command center will populate, with one of the options being MC cheats. From here, you can increase funds, increase points, and complete aspiration goals.

UI Cheats Extension Mod
increase funds, increase points, and complete aspiration goals

Zombie Apocalypse Mod

Prove that you can survive the zombie apocalypse with the Sims 4 zombie apocalypse mod. Your character will need to protect your Sims from infected sims. Be careful, or your favorite sims may become zombies, too! With the recent update to this extensive mod, even children can become zombies.

Every time you click on your Sim or any other character, you will have a Zombie Apocalypse option where you’ll have the opportunity to select partners, buy survival items, and use your survival items (when necessary).

Zombie Apocalypse Mod

Survival options include:

  • Air support emergency broadcasting radio – 250
  • Anti air infection gas mask – 1,000
  • First aid spray – 500
  • Handgun ammo – 50
  • High quality zombie repellant spray – 2,500
  • Shotgun shells – 100
  • Survival shotgun – 500
  • Zombie survival handgun – 2,500
  • Zombification cure serum – 1,000
  • Zombificaion virus – 1,000

You can use survival items on both your characters and npc sims. You can’t use the items on normal sims who haven’t been infected.

The zombie apocalypse begins small with just a few infected npc sims, but you will eventually need to face off hoards of the undead with your partners. Your partners will follow you and automatically fight when under attack.

If you get bitten, you’ll gradually turn into a zombie in four stages unless you can heal yourself first:

  • Injured
  • Turning
  • Turned
  • Zombified

Once you reach zombified, you will develop a thirst for flesh. In order to satisfy your thirst, you must bite other zombies or eventually die.

This mod is made by Roburky and is compatible with all other mods and expansion packs.

Realistic Birth Mod

All parents know that the conventional Sims game does not present a realistic portrayal of childbirth. The realistic childbirth mod amps up the drama of childbirth by making it more customizable and chaotic. Just like in real life, the pain and stress come with love and treasured memories.

There are several new features available for pregnant sims.

Call obstetrician

Once you become pregnant, you will need to call your obstetrician to establish a birth plan. If you fail to call your obstetrician, your sim will give birth as normal.

Choose birthing option

You have several different options when you give birth to your baby:

  1. Surgery machine
  2. Natural delivery
  3. Cesarean section
  4. Home birth

You also have the option to get an ultrasound, which can tell you the sex of the baby.

Take Family Leave

You will need to tell your job about your new family member to ensure you don’t get in trouble. Don’t forget!

Ask loved one(s) to accompany childbirth

You will need to formally ask the loved ones you want with you during delivery to accompany you. If you fail to ask, the sim may not be present.

Have a Baby

You will know that your sim is in labor when you notice sparkles around the sim’s ankles.

At the hospital, you’ll be able to request an epidural while you wait for your sim to reach 10 cm dilated, which can take up to 2 days. You can speed up the process through various activities, such as sitting on a yoga ball or exercising.

Your partner can be as involved or as uninvolved during the pregnancy as you want. Involved partners have the option to give the pregnant sim backrubs and cuddle with them in the birthing pool in the case of a home birth.

Go Home

Be aware that your character will gain weight after giving birth. Your sim will need to manage parenthood while also losing weight.

Consider putting your sim on birth control to give your sim a break before their next pregnancy unless you want to do it all over again.

Teen Pregnancy Mod

The teen pregnancy mod allows teen sims to get pregnant. A pregnant teen will have the option to have the baby or decide not to move forward with the pregnancy. Of course, a teen pregnancy affects everyone in the house, so the teen sim will need to tell their parents.

Adult Sims have one of two choices when they learn their teen child is pregnant with different actions available based on their decision:

  • react well and accept to support
    • Tell you will help with the child
    • Reassure about pregnancy and future
    • Offer money for future child
  • react poorly and refuse to support
    • Chastise for awful choices
    • Kick out because of pregnancy

Once the child is born, these actions will no longer be available. They only remain active during pregnancy. Not afterward.

Foster Family

With the foster family mod, your Sims can utilize the LMS Foster Family Network. The LMS Foster Family Network allows characters to adopt Sims of different ages as well as pets. Just don’t get too attached, as eventually, your fosters will go to their forever home. You will have the option to adopt your foster children yourself.

Without this mod, you will not be able to foster children. You will still be able to adopt, though.

Expanded Mermaids Mod

Turn your sim into a creature of the sea with the mermaid mod. Mermaids can harness magical powers and interact with bodies of water in ways they never could before. Furthermore, with the expanded mermaids mod, sims have more sea creature options than ever before.

With the expanded mermaids mod, sims can become mermaids, sea witches, and kelpies.

Mermaids in the expanded mermaids mod can now use more actions, such as dive deeper, which allows sims to catch new fish (anglerfish and electric eels).

Kelpies can disguise themselves as humans, and they can use their powers at night.

The sea witch is modeled after the goddess of the sea in Greek mythology, and she can perform spells.

In order to become a mermaid, buy mermaid books online. To do this, have your sim interact with your computer.

Expanded Mermaids Mod

Once you buy the books, you can read them to transform into a magical being and cast spells in the mermaid cauldron, which you can find in build mode. Some of the spells require items you can only find in the water, so embrace your sea creature origins.

Invisible Fence 2.0 (Improved)

Sims 4 can’t include traditional fences, as they can impede visibility. That’s why there’s this invisible fence mod. Your pets will stay on your property, and you can keep neighbors away when you want to be left alone.

Arcade Room Fanmade Mod Pack

With the arcade room mod pack, you can play games inside of the Sims 4 game. Some of the games that will become available to you include:

  • skee ball
  • slot wheel
  • pinball
  • arcade basketball
  • gumball machine
  • claw machine

The games are fully functional. If you win, you can receive some amazing prize prizes, such as a stuffed animal or a mule-jumbo!

Slice of Life Mod

The Slice of Life mod makes Sims 4 gameplay more realistic in numerous ways:

  • Have new emotional reactions – your Sim can experience one of the following new emotions previously not available to Sims:
    • humiliated
    • pumped
    • miserable
    • imaginative
    • fearless
    • silly
    • furious
    • sleepy
    • excited
    • depressed
    • stressed
    • passionate
    • in the zone
  • Get drunk
  • New personality options – choose from one of 16 detailed personality traits based on the Myers-Briggs personality types.
  • Body awareness – Sims can take their own measurements and feel emotions about their appearance. Sims can look in the mirror to improve their self-image. A character’s self image can impact their relationships with other sims.
  • Get your period – Sims will get their period and all of the cramps that come with them.
  • New WhooHoo options – Sims can choose from three new whoohoo options:
    • Self WhooHoo
    • Drunk WhooHoo
    • Drunk WhooHoo
  • More smartphone apps
    • homework helper
    • love tester
    • let’s draw
    • mall tycoon
    • my first language
    • fishing simulation

Bring Back Cars from The Sims 3 Days

Do you miss the ability to drive cars like in the Sims 3? The bring back cars from the Sims 3 mod allows you to enjoy the cars you did in Sims 3 with all of the features of the Sims 4.

While not necessary, this mod will make your sim popular with other sims. Plus, car enthusiasts will get to enjoy the five cars you can buy in the outdoor decorations section in build mode.

Once you buy a car, you can click on the car to drive to different locations in your world. You cannot drive to another world. There also aren’t sequences of your sim behind the wheel of the car… yet.

cars in sims 4

Meaningful Stories Mod

The meaningful stories mod is another mod that allows your sim creations to enjoy life more fully, especially regarding their emotions. Some of the additions to the meaningful stories mod include:

  • Emotional inertia – sims change emotions quickly.
  • Skill effectiveness – happy sims are more effective with their skills.
  • No happy environment – Sims can’t magically increase mood.
  • Adjustments to moods and moodlets – moods are more nuanced.

The mod updates you on progress related to the mod in the upper right corner of the screen.

Confused? Don’t worry! There’s a simple tutorial to get you started.

Don’t want to continue with the mod? Every item in the meaningful stories mod is completely optional. You can simply disable the features you no longer want to be applied to your game.

Educational System Mod

The education system mod includes the preschool mod, smarter homework mod, better schools mod, and online school mod.

Your young sims can go to preschool, where they will develop skills early. The best sims start their development young after all! Plus, the parents sims will get a break.

Child Sims and teen Sims don’t typically learn skills when they do their homework. The homework mod makes it so that sims learn skills as they do their homework, which can help them when they become adults. The mod also adds the option for school-age Sims to earn extra credit.

Sims 4 Go To School Mod

The Go to School mod allows Sims to experience school in a much fuller way. Your Sim will have new schools and new study options to choose from. Students will also have the ability to interact and develop relationships with teachers, counselors, and janitors.

This is one of the best sims 4 mods for people who want to get a child Sim on the right track early. Sims who take advantage of the mod will develop more quickly than other child sims, and they may keep some of the relationships they make in school throughout their adult career.

Become a Sorcerer Mod

This mod gives you the option to turn your Sims into sorcerers. To become a sorcerer, your Sim will need to buy the lump of clay then investigate it and unleash its magical powers. After you fully investigate the lump of clay, your character will have a new Spells menu where you can decide to show or hide your new trait – magical tingles.

Sims of any age can obtain the magical tingles trait. However, toddler sims and child sims will have limited options until they become fully available once the character reaches their teenage years.

Your character will have the option to Meditate on the Spirit of Llamadeus… where you have three directions:

  • Ritual of Digestive Control – blood and hunger are replaced by magical connection and alignment
  • Ritual of Runner’s Vigor – hygiene and energy are replaced by magical connection and alignment
  • Ritual of Forced Isolation – fun and social are replaced by magical connection and alignment

Sorcerers can learn spells in either the black arts or the white arts. Choose wisely.

Emotional Inertia Classic for The Sims 4

The Sims 4 Emotional Inertia mod makes sims more emotionally stable. The mod affects moods slightly differently based on the age of the sim and the mood.

Under this mod, when Sims enter a new mood, they will receive a moodlet. The moodlet determines how long the sim will remain in that mood. After the moodlet expires, the Sim will enter the lower moodlet level until it goes through all of the moodlet levels.

Children receive +1 for positive moods and +2 for negative moods.

Teens and elders receive +2 for positive moods and +3 for negative moods.

The only moods not affected by the emotional inertia mod are uncomfortable and happy.

Players may want to utilize this mod to maintain control over characters, making it easier to plan their destinies.

Simda Dating App Mod

Dating is hard. Let the Simda dating app make it a little bit easier on you. You can access the app under the phone social menu.

The app allows sims to connect with other single sims and go on adventures. Sims can use the app to go on a specific date, blind date, or have a one-night stand. You can take control or accept hook up calls. The choice is yours!

The wicked whims add-on is a great option for characters who live for multiple romances, as almost any other sim will agree to engage in whoopee with that Sim.

There’s also an additional pregnancy chances add-on, which allows players to control the likelihood of their sim getting pregnant.

Wonderful Whims Mod

The wonderful whims mod is the perfect mod for stylish Sims players who understand how much a person’s style can impact their personality and relationships with others.

Wonderful Whims

In addition to the added emphasis on style and independent thoughts, your Sims can now:

  • Learn personality archetypes and express their views
  • Get their period
  • Use birth control
  • Catch STDs
  • Get into an open relationship
  • Develop new traits, such as socially avoidant and hypopregnancy
  • Modify the amount of time you spend pregnant
  • Buy fertility treatments

Conclusion: The Best Sims 4 Mods

Make the Sims 4 base game even better by downloading mods. But with so many options, what mods do you choose? Ultimately, the best sims 4 mods are the ones that make the game the most fun for you! With the right mod installed on top of the base game, the options are limitless. Have fun and let us know your experience with these mods!

The Best Sims 4 Mods: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Best Mods for The Sims 4?

Some of the most popular Sims 4 mods include meaningful stories, slice of life, zombie apocalypse, and the expanded mermaids mod. Don’t forget to download the mod for the MC command center if your mod requires it!

The Sims 4 mods are absolutely legal, and they play a significant role in the Sims community. The best sims often utilize mods to get the most out of the character, so your character should, too!

Why is My Mod not Working?

There are a couple of reasons that your mod isn’t working:

  • not extracted to the correct folder
  • did not download the command center mod
  • the mod is only available for certain expansion packs
  • the mod is incompatible with an existing mod

What’s the Difference Between a Mod and an Expansion Pack?

While both provide new content to the Sims 4, expansion packs come directly from Sims 4 creators, while mods are created by users. Furthermore, mods are usually free.

Can I Download Mods on Playstation or Xbox?

No. You cannot download mods when playing on a gaming counsel. Mods are only available on the PC and Mac versions of Sims 4.