Celebrate 15 years of horror with Resident Evil

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Resident Evil turns 15 this year. It really has been that long since we first crept down that mansion hallway, jumping out of our skins as a zombie dog shot through a window and snapped at our heels. A decade and a half of head shots, first aid sprays, and mastering unlocking later and here we are.

Capcom want to remind us of the five Resident Evil titles they’ve got in store for us this year and beyond with the trailer above. Resident Evil: Mercenaries, Resident Evil: Revelations, the HD ports of Code Veronica X and Resident Evil 4, and the newly announced Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City all feature. Seems like the franchise is around every corner, waiting to nibble on our wallets.

None of them claim to be the true sequel to Resident Evil 5, but it’s hard to argue that it isn’t a great time to be a Resi fan.