Dante’s Inferno rewards slaughter of unbaptized babies

Fairytale Fights‘ “Kill 1,000 Children” achievement may have ended up on the editing room floor, but fear not Fox News, Dante’s Inferno‘s “Bad Nanny” achievement is more than happy to pick up the child slaughtering slack.

During EA’s “Naughty and Nice” holiday press event yesterday, Executive Producer Jonathan Knight revealed that Dante’s Inferno will reward players for killing unbaptized babies. Now before you break out the protest signs, let it be noted that these are very scary babies. They have giant knives for arms and they are ambulatory — which really makes them more toddlers than babies. Not that it matters. You’re not buying them diapers, you’re dismembering them with your giant bone-handled scythe. Preemie or Pullups, anything in a nappy has to die.

Now would be a great time to break out the sharpies and poster board, but only if you’re going to join me in making “Pro-Killing Toddlers With Giant Knives For Arms” signs.