DeathWatch is back, bringing you all the MadWorld action

[bliptv gctb7Kp1jt1s]

If I told you that the above trailer was heavily censored would you believe me? Well it is. Our hands-on time with the game at NYCC was crammed with far more blood, curse words and general mayhem than this lightweight trailer could ever show. You haven’t lived until you’ve snapped a man’s head off after pummeling him into submission. Plus those killing combos are insane. Yes you can really slam a guy into a barrel, ram a sign through him and then throw him onto a wall of spikes. In fact you’re rewarded for it. Really this puts MadWorld in line with games like Wii Music in that they’re all about being creative. Now some people owe me money because I just legitimately connected Wii Music and MadWorld.