Update / Dragon Age: Origins sells 2.7 3.2 million

Update: EA has shot out a press release saying the game has sold, according to their internal data, 3.2 million units worldwide. The 2.7 million figure was for the company’s Q3 fiscal 2010 quarter (October-December 2009) only while the 3.2 is for lifetime sales.

Original story: BioWare’s dark fantasy epic Dragon Age: Origins has sold 2.7 million copies worldwide across all the platforms it’s been released on — that’s Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. CEO John Riccitiello broke the news during the company’s Q3 fiscal 2010 earnings conference call a few moments ago.

According to SEC documents filed, an unannounced Dragon Age title — Dragon Age 2 we may only assume — will be released before March 31 next year, or in the company’s Q4 of fiscal 2010.