Elden Ring PC Controls

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This post was last updated on November 1, 2023

As a multiplatform game, Eden Ring is available to play on PC. But like the Dark Souls games, the PC version doesn’t have the best default controls, making it feel unwieldy compared to other PC games.

Thankfully, the majority of controls in Elden Ring are re-bindable, allowing you to alter the hotkeys to something more familiar. Such as changing the defaults for dash to the LCtrl like other PC games.

Read on as we look at the PC controls of Elden Ring, because not every function is explained to you in the game.


Compared to the keyboard controls what the mouse does in Elden Ring is fairly standard. In the main menu screens the mouse cursor allows you to select things as well as assign pouch items, hand weapon, armor, and spells.

In game the mouse controls the camera controls and attacks. The left mouse button clicking allows for a light attack from your right hand armament, while the right mouse button guards (while a shield is equipped or using a two handed armament. If you have a left hand armament then right mouse button attacks with that weapon).

In Elden Ring you can also double keybindings, allowing you to have some controls mapped to both mouse and keyboard.

Elden Ring PC Default Controls

  • Move Camera: Mouse
  • Attack: Left click
  • Strong Attack: Shift + Left Click
  • Guard/attack with lh armament: Right Click
  • Skill: Shift + Right Click
  • Mouse reset Camera, Lock-On/Remove Target: Q / Mouse Wheel Click (pressing the middle mouse button down)
  • Switch Right armament: Right Arrow / Shift + Scroll Up
  • Switch Left armament: Left Arrow / Shift + Scroll Down


Playing Elden Ring with a keyboard can feel a little odd if you haven’t played a previous Souls games with a mouse and keyboard before. Just about the only standard thing is that W,A,S,D are the movement keys.

The default keybinds can feel like a steep learning curve when looking at but thankfully PC users are able to remap them to give yourself something familiar to work with. The only keys you can not change the key binding of are open menu (Esc) and open world map (G).

To change the defaults go to system menu and the tab marked as Sound and Display and change the “Device for On-Screen Prompts” to “Keyboard and Mouse”.

PC Keybinds:

  • Walk: Alt
  • Movement control: W, S, A, D
  • Backstep, Dodge Roll, Dash: Space
  • Jump: F
  • Crouch / Stand Up: X
  • Switch Sorcery/Incantation: Up Arrow
  • Switch Item: Down Arrow
  • Use Item: R
  • Event Action (Examine, Open, etc.): E
  • Open world map: G
  • Open menu: Esc
  • Use Pouch item: E + Arrows

Final Thoughts

Playing with a keyboard and mouse can feel like a struggle in Elden Ring. But with a few slight tweaks PC players can make it feel familiar and if you have a mouse with an excess of buttons be sure to double keybindings, to give that extra bit of advantage.