How To Open the Map in Elden Ring (PC)

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This post was last updated on September 1, 2023

As an open world game, the map in Elden Ring is a key feature. It allows you to mark points of interest, track where you need to go, find NPCs, and fast travel between sites of grace you have rested at.

To open the map on PC, the controls depend on whether you are using a keyboard or a controller. With a controller, it is the touchpad button or select button, and on the keyboard, it is the G key. You’ll also need to find a map fragment for each area, as all you’ll see on the map at first is a grayed-out area.

In this article, we hope to tell PC players how to open the map and what you need to do to fill it out.

How To Open The Map On PC

how to open map elden ring pc

To open the map on PC, you need to either press G on the keyboard or the touchpad button select on a controller. If you find that this is not working, it could simply be because you are in combat. Likewise, the map will close if an enemy decides to attack you.

Where To Find Map Fragments

where to find map fragments

You may find very little to see once you’ve mastered opening the map (using G on the keyboard or the Touchpad button or select on the controller). This is because to unlock the full map, you need to find map fragments. They are located in every area of the game marked on your map as a pillar.

The map fragment will be found at the base of a large pillar with glowing writing, these are generally on the major roads through out the lands between. The one in Limgrave (the first region) is in The Gatefront Ruins, which you need to pass by to get to Stormhill. When you pick up your first one, you should get an on screen tips pop explaining how they work.

The locations are generally along main roads such as the one through the swamp in Liurnia, the road from the Grand lift Dectus, and the main road in the Mountaintop of Giants.

Elden Ring PC Controls

The basic PC controls depend on whether or not you’re playing with a keyboard and mouse or a controller.

If you are playing the game with a keyboard and mouse, the default controls are:

  • Camera Move : Mouse
  • Attack with right weapon: Left mouse button
  • Strong Attack: Shift + Left Click
  • Guard/attack with lf armament: Right mouse button
  • Hand Weapon Skill: Shift + Right Click
  • Mouse reset Camera, Lock-On/Remove Target: Q / Mouse Wheel Click (pressing the middle mouse button down)
  • Switch Right armament: Right Arrow / Shift + Scroll Up
  • Switch Left armament: Left Arrow / Shift + Scroll Down
  • Slowly Walk: Pressing Alt
  • Movement direction: W, S, A, D
  • Backstep(pressed quickly), Dodge Roll: Space
  • Dash: hold space
  • Jump: F
  • Crouch / Stand Up: X
  • Switch Sorcery/Incantation: Up Arrow
  • Switch Item: Down Arrow
  • Use Item: R
  • Event Action (Examine, Open, etc.): E
  • Open world map screen: G
  • Open menu screen: Press Esc
  • Use Pouch item: E + Arrows (you can have up to two types equiped)

If you are playing the game with a controller, the controls are (PS/Xbox):

  • Dpad left: Switch left-hand armament
  • Dpad right: Switch right-hand armament
  • Dpad up : Switch sorcery/incantation
  • Dpad down : Switch item
  • Circle/B: Backstep (quickly pressed) / Dodge Roll / Dash
  • X/A: Jump
  • Triangle/Y: action (Examine, Open, etc.)
  • Hold down Y + LB or LT: Switch between one-handed and two-handed left-hand armaments
  • Hold down triangle/Y + R1/RB or R2/RT: Switch between one-handed and two-handed right-hand armaments
  • X/Square: Use item
  • Left stick: Movement direction
  • Right stick: Camera Controls / Change Target
  • L: Crouch / Stand up
  • R: Reset Camera / Lock-On / Remove Target
  • LB: Guard(LH Armament)
  • LT: Hand Weapon Skill
  • RB: Attack(RH & Two-Handed Armament)
  • RT: Strong Attack (RH & 2H Armament)
  • Press and hold: Charge attack
  • Option: Main menu
  • Touchpad button / Select: Map

PC Important Tips

Compared to other games, the key bindings are a bit awkward in a boss fight. Thankfully, you are able to remap everything but the main menu and the map in the settings screen, as From Software decided these are defaults.

To change the defaults, go to the system menu and the Sound and Display tab (third icon on the left) and change the “Device for On-Screen Prompts” to “Keyboard and Mouse.” On this screen, you can change the key layout and keyboard commands.

Also, some game elements are easier to deal with using a controller, so if you have one, use it.

Final Thoughts

The Elden Ring PC controls are not the best, and hopefully this answers questions about how to open the map, as it really is one of the most helpful features in the game. Whether exploring on your own or trying to keep up with a quest, knowing how to open the map is essential.