Elden Ring Respec Guide – What You Need to Know

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This post was last updated on November 1, 2023

Like previous souls games, Elden Ring doesn’t like to make things simple. If you have accidentally levelled up the wrong stats due to not understanding what you need, it can make the game far harder than it needs to be. Thankfully, like many other RPG’s Elden does have a respec mechanic.

 You will need to defeat at least two bosses to unlock the ability, the first being, Red Wolf of Radagon and the second being Queen Rennala of the Full Moon. Not to mention the countless lesser enemies that will stand in your way. You’ll also need a unique item called a Larval Tear which is the currency to respec in Elden Ring.

In this article we will go through the steps you need to complete to unlock the ability to respec your character in Elden Ring as well as where to find larval tears so you don’t need to worry about making any level up mistakes.

What Is Level Respec In Elden Ring?

Level respec allows you to alter which stats you have put your levels into. This is useful for a number of reasons. It can let you rearrange your stats if you have reached one of the soft caps in the game. This is useful to help you get the most out of your attribute points.

It will also allow you to try out new gear and builds as every weapon has its own attribute point requirement.

Note: It can be better to wait until the late game to respec as the item you need to do it is finite.

Unlocking Respec In Elden Ring

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To unlock the ability to respec in Elden Ring, you need to have gotten to the Liurnia of the Lakes region. Liurnia is more difficult than Limgrave, so the average player should be around RL 20 to stand a fair chance. There are two ways you can do this:

  1. Completing the Stormveil Castle legacy dungeon and defeating Godrick the Grafted.
  2. Follow the cliffside in Northern Stormhill and go around the castle.

In Liurnia you will need to travel to Raya Lucaria Academy in the centre of the lake. Unfortunately the entrance is locked and you’ll need the key to get in. The entrance key is near the temple quarter site, north of the academy, in the nest of the Glintstone Dragon Smarag nest.

Note: You don’t need to kill the dragon, you can run in, pick it up (purple glow), and then run away.

Academy of Raya Lucaria

The Academy is where you will find the major boss, Queen Rennala, whom you need to kill to unlock the ability to respec. Naturally, she is found at the end of the dungeon.

To get to the boss arena, you will need to:

  1. From the Main Academy Gate, make your way to the Church of the Cuckoo.
  2. Near the grace in the church there is a path through the graveyard, where multiple corpses will jump out at you. Run through this area until you find the rotating lift. Travel all the way up to the top, where you will see a ledge you can jump to.
  3. There, you will be at the Great Hall Site. Progress through the hallways and glintstone sorcerers, to a library, from which you need to climb to the upper floors and travel through a fog door.
  4. Here you need to fight the Red Wolf of Radagon, an agile boss that uses both magic and physical attacks. When the wolf dies a new site of grace will appear which will be the nearest one to Rennala.
  5. Go out the doors to the courtyard to the eastern edge, where a raised bridge is located then follow the bridge and watch out for the rolling ball.
  6. At the top, you will find a single enemy, a Carian Knight. Kill the knight or run past it to gain access to the elevator that will take you to the Queen Rennala of the Full Moon boss fight.

Queen Rennala

Defeating Rennala is relatively easy, as long as you aren’t using sorcery. The recommended rune level is 40.

There are two stages to the fight:

  • The first is in the library. You’ll need to kill her minions with a gold aura until her bubble bursts and she drops to the ground to attack her directly.
  • The second stage Rennala will unleash all manner of spells that deal high amounts of damage. As well as summoning her own spirits including a dragon, troll, and bloodhound.

Once you defeat Queen Rennala, you will get her great rune. She will also now be a friendly NPC sitting in the centre of the room beside the Raya Lucaria Grand Library site of grace. If you speak to her, she will allow you to either change your character’s appearance or offer you a rebirth (which is what they call respec in Elden Ring).

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Each time you respec your character in Elden Ring, you must spend one larval tear. When you enter the menu, all the attribute points you have gotten so far will be reset, and you will not be able to exit until you reassign them all.

How Many Times Can You Respec In Elden Ring?

As a souls like game there is a limit to the number of times you can respec your character. Unlike other items in the game it isn’t possible to farm larval tears as they are a rare consumable item. There is a total of 18 Larval tears to find and use in the game meaning you can only respec 18 times!

Larval Tear Locations In Elden Ring

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Unlike other items in the game it isn’t possible to farm larval tears as they are a rare consumable item. Here are the locations of all the larval tears in Elden Ring:

Limgrave (1 Larval tear): 

  • Dropped directly east of the Agheel Lake South Site by a Lesser Runebear disguised as a undead soldier with a sword.

Liurnia of the Lakes (4 Larval tears):

  • One Larval Tear can be found in the graveyard in the Village of the Albinaurics.
  • Dropped by a Grafted Scion disguised as a patrolling Giant Lobster , between Rose Church and Boilprawn Shack.
  • Found in the graveyard east of Caria Manor as part of the Resurrection Painting puzzle. Accessible after defeating Royal Knight Loretta
  • 1 sold by Pidia, Carian Servant for 3,000 runes. You get to him from the Three Sisters as he is in the upper level of the manor lower level site of grace in Caria Manor.

Caelid (1 Larval tear):

  • Dropped by a wandering nobel kneeling at the western end of the stone coffins on the cliff south of the Caelid Highway South site of grace and West of the Cathedral of Dragon Communion. They will turn into a Troll.

Altus Plateau (1 Larval tear):

  • Dropped by a lion guardian disguised as a wandering noble cowering in a corner in the unnamed ruins southeast of Windmill Village.  It is north of the Rampartside Path site of grace.

Mt.Gelmir (1 Larval tear):

  • Dropped by a flaming Putrid Corpse next to the first fire of the ruined camp, east of the Road of Iniquity site of grace. They will turn into a Wormface

Consecrated Snowfield (1 Larval tear):

  • Dropped by a half buried Wandering Noble, in the Consecrated Snowfield. They are located southeast of the Inner Consecrated Snowfield site of grace. It will turn into a Rune Bear.

Siofra River (1 Larval tear):

  • Purchased from the Siofra River Merchant in Siofra River, for 3,000 Runes. You can kill the nomadic merchant for his bell to give to the Twin Maiden Husks to buy the tear in the Roundtable Hold.

Nokron Eternal City (5 Larval tears):

  • Found in the stone building southeast of the Nokron site. 
  • Found on corpse inside a gazebo in Nokron. 
  • Dropped by a Silver Sphere in Night’s Sacred Ground.
  • Two larval tears are a reward of the Mimic Tear boss fight.

Nokstella Eternal City(3 Larval tears):

  • Dropped by a Silver Sphere on the bridge
  • Dropped by a Silver Sphere hanging from the ceiling in the northeast building after the bridge.
  • Dropped by a Silver Sphere after reaching the top of the stairs. 

Final Thoughts

That’s all there is to know about Elden Ring respec. Simply go to Raya Lucaria Academy, defeat Rennala, and spend a larval tear to respec any undesirable traits. Keep in mind that the number of times you can do it is limited; keep your goals in mind while in the rebirth screen, or you may end up with subpar stats.