All Elden Ring Larval Tear Locations

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This post was last updated on June 1, 2023

Once you have successfully defeated Rennala of the Full Moon you will unlock the ability to Rebirth, which basically lets you repec your rune levels. If you want to do this you need to find Larval Tears.

Larval Tears are not an infinite resource though and there are only a handful found scattered in the game. You will find the most (four) in Nokron, Eternal City but there is at least one in almost every major area of the game. You can even buy one in Liurnia of the Lakes or the Siofra River if you have trouble finding them.

There are a total of 18 Larval Tears in Elden Ring. In this article, we are going to look at the locations of each of the Larval Tears in the game and what you need to do to get them.

Limgrave Larval Tear Locations

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In Limgrave, on the road toward the Weeping Peninsula there are some wandering nobles at the bottom of some cliffs. One will be standing away from the others holding a sword. When you attack this one, it will turn into a Lesser Rune Bear which will drop a Larval Tear once you kill it. 

At a low level, the giant bear is deadly so keep this in mind when you attack it.

Liurnia of the Lakes Larval Tear Locations

  1. In the graveyard at the Village of the Albinaurics, there is a Larval Tear on a corpse (purple glow). The only enemies in the immediate area are some  First-Generation Albinaurics so this can potentially be the first Larval Tear you collect.
    Note: On the map the Village of the Albinaurics is beneath the Moonlight altar plateau so to access it you will need to enter from the poison swamp area.
  2. Between the Rose Church (where Varré moves too) and Boilprawn Shack there is a Giant Crayfish (the Giant Lobster enemy) which will turn into a Grafted Scion when attacked. There are several Crayfish in this area and the one that drops the Larval Tear is the only one walking around.
  3. To unlock one of the Liurnia of the Lakes Larval Tears you will need to first find the Resurrection Painting puzzle in the artist shack in the west of the region. To solve the painting and obtain the Tear you need to head east of Caria Manor to its graveyard.
    When you touch the ghost sitting on a chair at the graveyard, it will disappear leaving the Larval Tear in its place.
    Note: You will need to beat Royal Knight Loretta to get to this area.
  4. Pidia, Carian Servant found in the Caria Manor, sells one Larval Tear for 3,000 runes. He can only be reached after defeating Royal Knight Loretta to get access to the Three Sisters. From the Three Sisters you need to jump down the cliffs from the south eastern side onto a balcony onto the upper floors of Caria Manor.

Caelid Larval Tear Locations

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In Caelid the Larval Tear is dropped by a troll disguised as a Wandering Nobel. It is by the stone coffins south of the Caelid Highway South site of grace and west of the Cathedral of Dragon Communion. There are a couple of undead soldiers in this area, and the one with the Larval Tear is kneeling at the end, wearing a hat. 

The troll has a flaming sword and uses fire attacks.

Altus Plateau Larval Tear Locations

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Near the Windmill Village in the Altus Plateau a Larval Tear is dropped by a Lion Guardian disguised as a Wandering Noble. The noble is in some ruins on the cliff top north of the Rampartside Path site of grace. The ruins are not a small structure so you should be able to see them from down the hill.

Watch out for the trebuchet that will fire at you from the City entrance. 

Mt. Gelmir Larval Tear Locations

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In Mt. Gelmir east of the Road of Iniquity site of grace is a flaming Putrid Corpse walking around a ruined camp which will drop a Larval Tear when defeated. Beware that attacking the undead soldier will turn it into a Wormface which is the actual thing you need to kill to get it.

It can be a tough fight as the Wormface is huge and has a long range. 

Consecrated Snowfield Larval Tear Locations

elden ring larval tear locations, consecrated snowfield

In the Consecrated Snowfield, southeast of the Inner Consecrated Snowfield site of grace, there are three wandering nobles. Two are standing, and one is half in the snow. When you attack the half-buried nobel, it will turn into a powerful Lesser Runebear, which will drop the Larval Tear on defeat. 

Tip: Go for this Larval Tear in the daytime, as the snow in the Consecrated Snowfield can make it difficult to spot the nobles.

Siofra River Larval Tear Locations

The second Larval Tear you can purchase is in the lower Siofra River area. The Nomadic Merchant is in the ruins, accessible only by climbing up the nearby wooden scaffolding. He sells only one Larval Tear which is 3,000. Alternatively, you can kill this merchant and give his bell bearing to the Twin Maiden Husks, who will then sell you the Larval Tear.

Nokron, Eternal City Larval Tear Locations

  1. A corpse southeast of the Nokron, Eternal City site of grace has a Larval Tear which can be looted. It’s inside the stone building.
  2. One Larval Tear is on a corpse in the middle of a gazebo. There are several Silver Tear enemies (the silver blob enemies) in the area around the gazebo, but it is possible to just run in and take it.
  3. In the Night’s Sacred Ground  a Silver Sphere (a giant metal ball) will drop one Larval Tear on defeat.
  4. Leading on from the Night’s Sacred Grounds is the Mimic Tear boss arena. The Mimic Tear boss will drop two Larval Tears when defeated. This fight can be easy or hard depending on your character stats as the boss copies you.

Nokstella, Eternal City Larval Tear Locations

  1. The Silver Sphere on the bridge will drop a Larval Tear on defeat. There are also some Silver Tears in the area to watch out for while fighting the ball.
  2. The Silver Sphere hanging in the northeast building after the bridge  will drop down from the ceiling to attack you. You will need to get the metal ball to drop to the ground before you kill it to get the Tear This will drop a Larval Tear on Defeat.
  3. The Silver Sphere after the bridge and up the stairs. This is also hanging from the ceiling so you need to kill it when it gets to the ground.

Larval Tear Notes

  • Each of the enemies you kill to get the Larval Tears will only drop one per play though Even if the enemy respawns, namely the Silver Sphere’s.
  • Only the mimic Tear boss will drop two in total.
  • All the Larval Tears carry over to New Game Plus.
  • The earliest Larval Tear isn’t necessarily the one in Limgrave.
  • There is no Farum Azula or Mountiantop of Giants Larval Tear location.
  • The mimic Tear boss fight can be easier if you unequip everything before entering the room.
  • Most underground Larval Tear locations are found along a linear path.