Enchant Command Minecraft: How To Use it To Make OP Gear

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This post was last updated on November 1, 2023

You can use the enchant command to instantly enchant items in Minecraft with any enchantment.

You can only use this command if you have cheats enabled in your Minecraft world, or you have operator permissions in a Minecraft server.

The enchant command lets you enchant things without needing any XP or an enchanting table. Although, the command can be a little hard to get your head around if you haven’t used it before.

We’ll show you all the different enchantments you can use with it, and give you some examples to make it easier to understand!

How to Use the Minecraft Enchant Command

How to use the Minecraft Enchant Command

Using the Minecraft enchant command is super easy (if you have cheats enabled). All you need to do is:

  1. Open the chat window (usually by pressing C, on a PC).
  2. Type in the enchant command (described in detail below).
  3. Hit enter to activate the command!
  4. The command will enchant the current item held by the targeted player.

The way the enchant command is typed varies slightly between Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft.

Using the Enchant Command in Java Edition

Enchant Command in Java Edition

Here is the formula for the enchant command in Java Edition:

  • /enchant <target> <enchantment name> <enchantment level>

You can see how the command is relatively simple, although you will need to know what to put in the argument fields. (The arguments are inside the “< >” tags, and define certain conditions for the enchantment).

  • The player name you want to target, or other @ tags for targeting users in other ways.
  • – The name of the enchantment you want to apply.
  • – A number for the level of enchantment you want to apply. If no level is specified, it will give a level 1 enchantment.

Using the Enchant Command in Bedrock Edition

Enchant Command in Bedrock Edition

This is the formula for the enchantment command in Bedrock edition:

  • /enchant <target> <enchantment name, or ID number> <level>

Here is an explanation for these arguments:

  • – Who to target with the enchantment.
  • – The enchantment type you want to apply. You can either type the name of the enchantment, or the ID number.
  • – The level of the enchantment, specified as a whole number.

Available Enchantments in Minecraft

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This list shows you all the available enchantments in Minecraft and their maximum level. You can apply any of these to compatible items using the command as specified above.

It also shows curses, which can be added in the same manner (if you want to make gear worse for some reason…)

To find out exactly what these enchantments do, check out our full guide: Best Minecraft Enchantments.

  • Aqua Affinity = Max Level 1
  • Bane of Arthropods = 5
  • Blast Protection = 4
  • Channeling = 1
  • Curse of Binding = 4
  • Curse of Vanishing = 1
  • Depth Strider = 3
  • Efficiency = 5 
  • Feather Falling = 4
  • Fire Aspect = 2
  • Fire Protection = 4
  • Flame = 1
  • Fortune = 3
  • Frost Walker = 2
  • Impaling = 5
  • Infinity = 1
  • Knockback = 2
  • Looting = 3
  • Loyalty = 3
  • Luck of the Sea = 3
  • Lure = 3
  • Mending = 1 
  • Multishot = 1
  • Piercing = 4
  • Power = 5
  • Projectile Protection = 4
  • Protection = 4
  • Punch = 2
  • Quick Charge = 3
  • Respiration = 3
  • Riptide = 3 
  • Sharpness = 5
  • Silk Touch = 1
  • Smite = 5
  • Soul Speed = 3
  • Sweeping Edge = 3
  • Thorns = 3
  • Unbreaking = 3

Enchant Command Generator

Enchant Command Generator

If you’re struggling to understand how to write the commands, you can use a command generator website to automatically create the command for you.

Here is an Enchantment Command Generator.

This Give Command Generator also has options for adding enchantments to the spawned item.

Enchant Command Examples

Enchant Command Examples

Here are some example commands to demonstrate how to use the command to create an enchanted item:

To enchant your held tool with Unbreaking III:

  • /enchant your username unbreaking 3

To give the Sharpness V enchantment to all players holding a sword:

  • /enchant @a sharpness 5

To enchant the closest player’s held pickaxe with Silk Touch:

  • /enchant @p silk_touch 5

To enchant a random player’s tool with efficiency 1:

  • /enchant @r efficiency

How to Enable Commands in Your Minecraft World

If commands aren’t working, you need to enable cheats, or make sure you have server permissions…

Unlocking Single-Player Commands

Unlocking Single-Player Commands

To use the enchant, and other commands, you will need cheats activated in your single-player survival mode world. If you didn’t enable this during the world creation settings, you can use a workaround to temporarily enable cheats.

Follow these steps to enable cheats in a single-player version of Minecraft:

  1. Open the pause menu
  2. Click “Open to LAN”
  3. Click “Allow Cheats”
  4. Activate LAN mode

This temporarily enables cheats, although you’ll need to repeat this process every time you re-open your world.

Unlocking Multiplayer Commands

In a multiplayer server, you’ll need to have operator permissions to be able to use commands – if you want to give yourself enchants.

If you aren’t the server host, you’ll have to ask one of the other operators nicely to add you to the OP list. Although in larger servers, it’s highly unlikely this will happen – just make an enchantment table instead.

Closing Thoughts

Now you know how to use the enchantment command you can add any enchantment you want without having to use an enchantment table! You can also enchant your items with levels above the normal maximum – you can make some super OP items with this!

FAQs About Minecraft Enchantment Command

How do you get a Sharpness 1000 Enchantment?

To get a sword with a Sharpness level 1000 enchantment, simply type the following command into the chat box, while holding a sword:

  • /enchant your username sharpness 1000

What is the Command to Enchant 255 in Minecraft?

To get a level 255 enchantment in Minecraft, all you need to do is type this command into the chat box:

  • /enchant <username> 255

How do you Enchant With Game Commands in Minecraft?

To enchant with game commands in Minecraft, you’ll need cheats enabled in your survival mode world or OP permissions in a multiplayer server.

Then simply use the following formula in the chat box:

  • /enchant <username> <enchantment> <level>

Find out the full details in the guide above!