Gears of War 3 beta detailed

PlayStation 3-exclusive Resistance 3 and SOCOM 4 betas not your thing? Not to worry, for another exclusive beta has been announced, and now detailed.

In a quite customary way, pre-ordering Gears of War 3 (Limited and Epic editions) from GAME, Gamestation and Gamestop will give players access to the game’s beta starting late-April, on the 25th. Also, as you may all remember, a Bulletstorm Epic Edition pre-order granted access as well. In fact, all who took this approach will be granted access to the beta a week earlier, on April 18th.

The beta concludes on May 15th, but won’t do so without featuring three new modes, four maps and numerous unlockables (Beta Tester Medal, Thrashball Cole, Gold-Plated Retro Lancer, Flaming Hammerburst, Flaming Lancer, Flaming Sawed-Off Shotgun, Flaming Gnasher Shotgun)¬†which will barry on to Gears of War 3 when it launches later this year, in September on Xbox 360 only.