Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock detailed, has story

Following the confirmation of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock last week, Nintendo Power have interviewed Neversoft’s Brian Bright in their latest issue where he spilled all the details about the new title.

The first thing that should be mentioned are the songs. Guitar Hero 5’s setlist covered a variety of musical genres, but in doing so, it felt as if the game had lost what made Guitar Hero great in the first place. Warriors of Rock is set to fix that, with the team hand-picking the songs, focusing on what Bright describes as “guitar-centric rock ‘n’ roll”. Confirmed bands so far are Black Sabbath, KISS and Queen. That’s more like it.

Up until now, the Guitar Hero franchise has always had the “if you want a story – read a book” mindset. Not anymore. Warriors of Rock features an all new quest mode which will have the player find a legendary guitar after ‘the demigod of rock’ was defeated by ‘the beast’. By strumming away, you’ll amass “an army of warriors to be able to defeat the beast”. Something along those lines anyway. Bright told Nintendo Power that the story and visuals of the game were inspired by heavy metal album covers of the late 70s and early 80s “with rivers of chrome and guys on horses with bat wings and stuff.”

It all sounds suspiciously like Brütal Legend. In fact, Brütal Legend was to be published by Activision at one point but was dropped by the publisher apparently after failing to convert it into a Guitar Hero title.