Halo: Reach beta lasts 17 days

The Halo: Reach open beta will start next Monday, on May 3; a date that’s been pounded into our heads on every occasion and through rather elaborate means. When will end though?

According to a post detailing the event on xbox.com, on May 19. That gives Halo fans 17 whole days of bug finding fun before the plug is pulled.

The informative post also informs that Bungie will be turning on different game modes at different times throughout those 17 days. Here’s how it breaks down:

May 3 – Arena mode (4v4 ranked Team Slayer games), “Free-for-All” and “Grab Bag” playlists,” which include a mix of classic and brand new game types.”
May 7 – Spartan vs. Elite “Invasion” playlist.
May 14 – “Generator Defense” game type.

Rounding out the beta will be a three-day Halo Multiplayer Unlock Weekend, allowing all Xbox Live Silver members to jump online and play themselves some Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST and/or the Reach beta for free (ODST disc still required).