Elden Ring: How To Get Into Raya Lucaria Academy

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This post was last updated on November 1, 2023

In the middle of the second major region you visit in Elden Ring is the Grand Raya Lucaria Academy. It is a Hogwarts-esque school of sorcery and magic and also home to the boss you need to defeat to unlock respecing.

The main thing you will need to get access to the academy of Raya Lucaria is the Academy Glintstone Key, which is found west of Raya Lucaria Academy, as shown on the meeting place map fragment, and guarded by a sleeping dragon.

There is no need to worry about getting there, though, as we will tell you how to do all the important bits to help you get into Raya Lucaria Academy while playing Elden Ring.

Where is Raya Lucaria Academy?

In case you don’t know where the academy is located, you’ll find it in the middle of the Liurna of the Lakes Region of the Lands Between. This is the area directly north of Limgrave, which you can either get to by clearing Stormveil Castle or by going around the legacy dungeon and instead taking the broken bridge and cliffside path to get there.

Once you enter the region, simply head north through the swamps, and you will come across Raya Lucaria in the middle of the swamp on top of its own little plateau. Tip: If you are still having trouble locating it due to fog and other environmental effects, then you will find it north of the Academy Gate town.

Getting Into Raya Lucaria Academy

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There are two entrances to the Raya Lucaria Academy:

  1. The most conventional is the south Raya Lucaria gate located in the gate town. There is a small army of Raya Lucaria soldiers in the town but they can be either sneaked past or sprinted past.
  2. The other entrance is the eastern gate found in the west of the Bellum Highway (which is located in the upper eastern area of the Region). To get to this area you need to travel to the northernmost part of the swamp until you get to the ramp upwards (there are several poison Giant Land Squirts in the area).

The next challenge is to get through the sealed gate (a magical barrier) blocking the way. To do that, you need to find and collect the academy gate glintstone key.

The Academy Glintstone Key Location

The academy glintstone key isn’t too hard to find if you are able to find the meeting place map fragment (on a body near the south Raya Lucaria Gate) and have uncovered the map for the region, as it is easy to pinpoint the area on the map. If you have not found this item, there is no need to worry, as the glintstone key is at ground level on the west side of the swamp and the Raya Lucaria Academy gate. South of the Crystaline Woods and west of the Academy Crystal Cave site of grace.

South of the Crystaline Woods

The wrinkle in retrieving the Glintstone key is the fact that it is on a dead body laying behind a sleeping Glintstone dragon. The bright side is that you don’t need to kill the dragon or interact with it in any way, as you can dash in behind it and snatch the Glintstone key before it has fully woken up. If you do decide to engage the dragon, be aware that as a glintstone dragon, it is resistant to magic attacks, so prepare accordingly.

How To Use The Glintstone Key

Once you have picked up the Glintstone key, all you need to do now is use it to unlock the raya lucaria academy gate. As mentioned previously, you can return to either the east or south Raya Lucaria gate ( the south Raya Lucaria gate is the one we recommend as it will be the easiest to return to). Once you are at one of the gates, you will be prompted to use the key.

Accepting the prompt will then teleport you to the main Raya Lucaria academy entrance (both east and south Raya Lucaria academy gate take you to this place).

Final Thoughts

Finding the Academy Glintstone key and getting access to the academy of Raya Lucaria is not the most challenging thing in Elden Ring. You don’t even need to collect anything beforehand, as you can simply head to the west side of the academy and pick up the key from behind the dragon. We will recommend that you take the glintstone key to the gate in the south, though, as it is far more convenient for entering the academy.