Limbo devs already at work on next IP

Developer Playdead had a big hit with their XBLA exclusive Limbo this year. Instead of kicking back for a while though, CEO Dino Patti has revealed that the team is hard at work on their next title, a new IP.

“I can’t tell much, but I can tell you that if you liked Limbo, it’ll definitely be for you,” Patti revealed to Joystiq, “The gameplay style you’ll really like. You’ll feel it’s the same team who made it, but everything will be changed.”

PlayStation 3 and PC owners have been itching to get their hands on Limbo ever since it swept up great reviews during the Summer of Arcade. Patti was adamant that the game was still 360 exclusive. He does however hope that their new title will release elsewhere: “We are open for everything. To be honest, we want as many people to play our games as possible. If we end up going exclusive, we may do it for various reasons, but we just want as many people to play the game as possible.”